Welcome to Burnwise. We are the top quality  hardwood and softwood supplier of the highest quality logs within the North East . Our dedicated team have years of experience working in the tree care industry,  We can ensure you all of our logs are of the best quality. The premium logs we offer are carefully split immediately after chopping and placed in our drying barns.

Burnwise are excellent for firewood as they are kept in perfect condition for over 1 year in our drying barns. The reason the logs are stored and maintained in our drying barns for over one year is to ensure there is a low amount of moisture in the wood to assure a clean and dry burn.

Whether you are getting prepared for a cold winter or stocking up your firewood for a relaxing camping trip with your family this summer, Burnwise can provide you with quality, natural firewood which generates exceptional heat.

We have some great offers and deals all year round. Make sure to check our website so you don’t miss out! We offer free delivery within a 5-mile radius ensuring all logs are delivered on time and undamaged. To order our logs, please feel free to use any contact method listed on the website and we will get back to your query as quickly as we can.

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Welcome to Burnwise Ltd, we are local company based in Ravensdale Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth. We are situated in the centre of a heavily forested area of which our family has harvested and replanted for over two generations.
Our family has been in the timber business for over 30 years and has been working alongside Coillte, the state owned forestry business. We now have branched into hardwood kiln-dried timber which have ideal qualities for those who own stoves or pizza ovens.


All our imported timber products comes certified and with 100% traceability.  Our kiln-dried wood is wood that has been dried in an oven (kiln). With a kiln, you can control the environment such as temperature, humidity, and steam levels for a set period of time. Allowing you to dry wood to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying, Which makes sure our timber is below the moisture content of 20%.



Quality Care

Taking quality care of our logs is something we are very passionate about here at Burnwise. You can ensure you will receive great quality seasoned logs all year round.

Split & Stored

All our logs are split immediately and placed in our drying barns, we leave them for a minimum of 1 year which gives the firewood the best chance of meeting minimum moisture content.

Free Delivery

Worried about how we get the logs to you? No problem. We will deliver anywhere within a five-mile radius of Kilcurry, Co. Louth

What People are Saying?

  • I never understood the difference between the types of wood and what type of fuel I would need, Burnwise not only informed me what was the best solutions for my needs but where extremely helpful. Once I purchased the logs they came the next day with free delivery. Great service highly recommend them!

    Mary Smith
  • Finally a place to get decent logs, the lads at Burnwise delivered them the next day and I couldn't be happier. I got 2 bags of softwood logs and 3 bags of hardwood. If I'm honest it was too much it logs, we still have some left over from last winter.

    John Nordon